How we work

FDF is structured so that it is focused on delivering results in the areas that have the biggest impact on our members' businesses.


The Board will be primarily responsible to the Members for proper oversight of the management of the Federation and its operations to enable it to determine and pursue its policy making objectives professionally and in the context of an operationally well managed and sustainable organisation that it is accountable to, and therefore trusted by, a fully engaged Membership.


President's Committee

The role of the President's Committee shall be to consider and agree policy and strategy issues relevant to the members for implementation by the Federation.


Finance and Planning Committee

The role of the Finance an Planning Committee is to support the Board in overseeing the Federation's financial management and business planning issues, management of the staff and business issues


Corporate Affairs Group

The Chairman of the Group is FDF's Director of Communications reflecting the consultative role of the group in assisting FDF's Communications Division in the effective presentation of FDF policies, aims and values. The Communications Division reports to the Group on expenditure on FDF communications activities.

Membership of the Group comprises Corporate Affairs Directors or equivalents drawn from companies represented on FDF's Executive Committee, although it is for each company to nominate its most appropriate representative. Additional members may be co-opted by the Chairman as appropriate.

The Group operates in two ways:

  • via scheduled meetings of the same group, timed to enable input to agenda items for FDF's Executive Committee;
  • via e-mail to ensure speedy dissemination of information and advice to and from members.

The role of the Corporate Affairs Group is to:

  • advise FDF's communications team;
  • enable rapid (electronic) dissemination of information between FDF and its member companies;
  • provide networking opportunities for communications professionals across the industry.

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