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  • Food and drink exports are a UK success story. However, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted growth after exports fell for the first time since H1 2015.
  • Exports fell by 13.8% to £9.7bn, as both exports to EU and non-EU markets declined.
  • Exports to the EU (-14.5%) decreased at a faster rate than those to non-EU markets (-12.6%).
  • The trade deficit widened, reaching -£13.4bn, from £12.8bn in H1 2019.
  • Exports to all of the top 20 markets decreased, except China (+0.3%), Canada (+6.7%) and Norway (+46.9%).
  • Pork was the only product within the top 10 to show value growth, up 17.5% on 2019.
  • Since H1 2010, exports have increased by 34%. Exports to non-EU countries grew faster (59%) than to the EU (21%).
  • Members noted access to new UK preferential trade agreements and increased export demand as top pportunities for 2020 in FDF's Q2 Business Confidence Survey.
  • FDF, Food and Drink Exporters Association (FDEA) and the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board (AHDB) have produced an export guide to help businesses successfully navigate the export process.
  • The guide signposts a range of support that can help exporters impacted by COVID-19 as well as supporting businesses post EU Exit transition.

Top 10 products

Top 20 markets

H1 UK exports since 2010

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China, Canada and Norway

  • Exports to all of the top 20 markets decreased, except China (+0.3%), Canada (+6.7%) and Norway (+46.9%).
  • Canada is a valuable preferential trade partner for the UK in terms of food and drink exports, worth £163.5m.
  • The top 3 UK products sold in Canada were whisky, beer and gin.
  • Sales of UK pork were up 97.9% in China, reaching £132.2m.
  • The fastest growing UK product sold to Norway was animal fats and oils, up 2669.1%.

Branded goods

  • Branded food and non-alcoholic drinks exports declined by 7.1% overall, despite an increase in sales to non-EU markets of 1.9%.
  • Growth markets within the top 10 were the US (+10.5%) and China (+13.7%).
  • Top branded products were bread, pastry, cakes and biscuits.

H1 Top 10 markets

A new UK-Japan preferential trade agreement

  • The UK and Japan announced the agreement of a new preferential trade deal on 11 September, ensuring continued preferential access for UK exports.
  • Japan is the world's largest net importer of agrifood and drink and has the 3rd largest market for sales of packaged food after the USA and China.
  • Japan was the UK's 19th biggest market in H1, worth £124.5m.
  • Top products sold to Japan were whisky, beef, cereals and grains.
  • Since H1 2010, exports to Japan have increased by 64%, from £75.9m to £124.5m.
  • Demand for imported food and drink in Japan is growing because of its ageing population and a shift towards Western consumption patterns.
  • The deal improves our existing terms of trade for some of our key products and offers significant new growth opportunities for quality UK manufacturing.
  • The deal provides more generous and flexible rules of origin for key food and drink categories which will better support export growth to Japan.
  • In-market sectoral expertise will be essential to ensure industry is able to take full advantage of this new agreement and fulfill the UK's untapped export potential to Japan.

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Last reviewed: 30 Sep 2020