Exports case study: Lizi's Granola

Lizi's Granola was set up to produce and sell premium quality healthy granola. We are the only brand to measure the glycaemic load (GL) of each of our products – this is extremely important when creating our granola.

We are committed to supplying a low GL breakfast, high in fibre and protein without filling it with sugar. This is evident when looking at the nutritional breakdown of our granola, especially when comparing average sugar content, which is much lower than other competitors.

High protein granola

Export is very important to our business. In the last year we have entered new markets and see them growing significantly. We have seen significant growth in export; 2013—13%, 2014- 17% , 2015-22%. We anticipate exports will grow in Europe, the Middle East and Asia as consumers are looking to eat healthier cereals and snacks.

All our products sell well in export markets as they taste good and are healthy, but the recently introduced Low Sugar and High Protein are flying off the shelves. Our most successful export markets are the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Lizi's is a premium healthy product and as such is more expensive than those from the big multinationals. However once consumers realise how good it tastes, the less sugar and therefore more healthy we see repeat purchase over and over again.

Low Sugar Granola

We exhibited at Gulf Foods and Anuga in 2015, both helped our export to increase 60% in the last year. Lizi's Granola is now exported to every continent except Australasia, which is a huge achievement. Our focus has been to give the consumer a healthier choice while delivering on quality of ingredient and taste – no matter where they live. By exporting to many countries, it reduces our risk so we are not entirely dependent on one country.

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Last reviewed: 14 Feb 2017