Exports case study: Loch Duart Salmon

As the global challenge for providing healthy, sustainable food sources grows, the aquaculture industry, particularly in Scotland, has proven itself to be up to the challenge with Scottish salmon often being the preferred choice for high quality farmed fish. Scottish salmon is now a world leading brand and as part of this dynamic industry Loch Duart's export successes are due to its positioning as a premium product, which can demand a premium price for its internationally recognised salmon.

With a strong production year Loch Duart's market penetration is particularly evident in Belgium, France, Spain and Italy. Loch Duart is known for leading the way through innovative approaches including low density farming, a unique rotational fallowing system, swim-throughs and feed from sustainable sources designed to mimic the diet of wild salmon and ensure lean, fit fish.

Historically Loch Duart salmon has attracted a substantial premium over the commodity price of salmon by building a very successful brand, specified by top chefs and restaurants across the world. These influential customers are prepared to pay premium prices for extraordinary tasting salmon raised using sustainable farming methods.

Loch Duart's aim to produce the best farmed salmon you can buy is key to its global export success. By challenging convention, combining strong production with premium pricing and constantly striving to lead the way with world leading, innovative and sustainable farming methods, Loch Duart has had its most successful year for exports since it started in 1999.

Key Figures

  • 2016 was a breakthrough year for turnover and export growth. The brand values of Loch Duart set the company up to profit from strong production volumes and significant market demand.
  • Export sales stayed at over two thirds of turnover.
  • Export sales increased from £16.7M in 2015 calendar year to £30.8M in 2016 calendar year yield.
  • Demand indicated significant potential for growth in Spain to £1M (100% increase) and £2M for Italy (64% increase) in 2017. Increased sales in these markets came from positive distributor relations.
  • In 2016 Loch Duart consolidated their French market position by a 40% increase in sales. Loch Duart has one office outside Scotland and this is a small sales office in Nantes nurturing our high-end French clientele who need the personal, French touch!

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Last reviewed: 17 Aug 2017