Exports case studies

Food and drink manufacturing export case studies.

Breakfast cereals

Lizi's Granola

Lizi's Granola was set up to produce and sell premium quality healthy granola.
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Quaker Oats

Quaker products can help consumers reap the nutritional benefits of wholegrain oats which provide a source of fibre which can help to reduce blood cholesterol levels.
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Biscuits and Cakes

Burton's Biscuits

Burton's Biscuits, originally founded in the early 1900s, are one of the major biscuit manufacturers in the UK; producing such well-known brands as Cadbury Fingers, Maryland Cookies and Jammie Dodgers.
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Mr Kipling

Mr Kipling has been making exceedingly good cakes since 1967, and in the UK, almost 60% of UK households indulge in our tasty treats every year.
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Nairn's has been baking oat-based products including oatcakes, crackers, biscuits and oat-based snacks in Scotland since 1888.
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United Biscuits

United Biscuits, producer of such globally-consumed biscuits as McVitie's, Carr's and Jacob's, currently exports to over 100 countries, continuing a tradition started over 100 years ago.
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Chocolate and Confectionery


Wrigley's Spearmint gum was first launched in the UK in 1911 and by 1925 business had reached such a level that it was decided to build a Wrigley factory in the UK itself.
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Delamere Dairy

Cheshire based Delamere Dairy sells a range of fresh and long-life goats' milk products (cheese, yogurt, butter and milk), long life cows' milk and a range of milk products for the pet market.
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Tea and coffee

Clipper Teas

Created in a Dorset kitchen in 1984, Clipper Teas is one of the UK's top tea brands. In 1994 it launched the nation's first ever Fairtrade tea and nearly 20 years later, remains the UK market leader in Fairtrade and organic tea.
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Last reviewed: 14 Jul 2016