Exports case study: Nairns

Nairn's has been baking oat-based products including oatcakes, crackers, biscuits and oat-based snacks in Scotland since 1888. With the exception of its gluten free range, the company only uses wholegrain oats grown in the nearby Scottish Borders where the climate is deemed perfect for slowly ripening the grains.

In 2015, exports accounted for 8% of the business' annual turnover. Exports are a fundamental part of Nairn's strategic plans for growth.

NairnsThe company ensures that all its products are adapted to suit different markets. For example, in the USA it sells crackers instead of oatcakes and cookies instead of biscuits.

Nairn's most successful export products are crackers, oatcakes, biscuits and its gluten free range. Currently exporting to 31 countries across the globe, including USA, Canada, South Africa, Cyprus, and New Zealand, the company is continuing to develop existing markets and entering new ones. The Middle East is a growing area for Nairn's as is Czech Republic and Western Europe.

The USA is currently its most successful market, largely due to consumer interest in Nairn's growing range of gluten-free biscuits and crackers. Nairn's gluten free biscuits breaks are its fastest growing export range globally.

Martyn Gray, Nairn's Marketing Director said:

“We see great opportunities in the continued development of our export markets. The key for us is developing long-term partnerships with local importers who have detailed knowledge of their markets. We have set very challenging targets to grow the proportion of exports within our total business.”

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Last reviewed: 26 Feb 2016