Mondelez International: Diet and health case study

As the world's largest snack company, Mondelez International is committed to helping people make mindful snack choices.

PhiladelphiaFor the first time, the company has set global nutrition targets to reach the following goals by 2020:

  • Grow “Better Choice” products to 25% of revenue.
  • Reduce sodium and saturated fat by 10%.
  • Increase whole grains by 25%.
  • Increase individually wrapped options of 200 calories or less by 25%.

In the UK, Mondelez was one of the first to provide clear nutritional information on the front of pack to help consumers make informed choices.

Mondelez was one of the founding signatories to the Public Health Responsibility Deal.


  • Since 2012, we have taken 24.56 tonnes of salt out of Philadelphia Original, 11.66 tonnes of salt out of Philadelphia Light and 0.93 tonnes of salt out of Philadelphia Lightest.
  • All Dairylea regular and light plain portions, tubs and slices meet the average 2017 salt targets.
  • We have committed to no longer make or sell single-serve confectionery over 250 kcals in the UK from the end of 2015.
  • We reduced the calories per bag by 53% from 159kcals to 76kcals per bag in Cadbury's Dairy Milk Buttons multipack individual bags.
  • Calories in Twirl Treat Size single bars have been reduced by 17% from 91kcals to 75kcals per bar.

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Last reviewed: 06 Jul 2015