Reformulation - case studies

Industry case studies featured in our Recipe for Change' report.

  • Apetito - apetito's reformulation programme has been in place since 2005.
  • Baxters Food Group - The average salt content of Baxters soups is now approximately 50% that of 2001.
  • Britvic Soft Drinks - Britvic's successful adult juice drink J20 now has on average 11% less sugar and no added sweeteners.
  • Kellogg's - Kellogg's has had an active salt reduction programme in place since 1998.
  • Kingsmill - An estimated 60 tonnes of salt has been removed from the Kingsmill range.
  • Kraft Foods - Dairylea's reformulation programme began in 2002.
  • Mars Food UK - To date a reduction of up to 35% in salt has been achieved across Dolmio, Uncle Ben's and Seeds of Change sauces.
  • McCain - Added salt levels have been reduced by more than 20% and saturated fat levels by more than 70%.
  • Macphie of Glenbervie - To date 250 tonnes of salt and 340 tonnes of fat have been removed from the portfolio.
  • Nairns - A 56% reduction in salt has been achieved on the back of new equipment and baking profiles.
  • Nestlé - Nestlé invests 1.9bn Swiss Francs every year in research and development.
  • PepsiCo - 40,000 tonnes of saturated fat and 2,400 tonnes of salt have been removed from the Walkers range.
  • Premier Foods - Significant reductions in sugar (up to by 49%) and saturated fat (up to by 47%) have been achieved with the development of Delightful.
  • United Biscuits - The reformulation of the McVitie's range builds on the saturated fat reduction programme in place since 2005.
  • Unilever - 30,000 tonnes of trans fat, 27,000 tonnes of sugars, 12,500 tonnes of saturated fat and 3,500 tonnes of sodium have been removed from across the global portfolio.
  • Young's Seafood - A total of 21 different products have been redeveloped across four processing lines.

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Last reviewed: 07 Aug 2018