Baxters Food Group - reformulation case studies

“Taste is paramount for Baxters, so we had to consider carefully how to go about reformulation without compromising that principle. We believe the results speak for themselves, as our soups still reflect Baxters passion to produce the best tasting products using only the finest ingredients… and now they are even healthier!”

Nic Wheater, Innovation and Special Projects Director, Baxters Food Group

  • Baxters' reformulation programme has been in place since 2001
  • The average salt content of Baxters soups is now approximately 50% that of 2001, equating to 190 tonnes of salt per year
  • All Baxters soups are free from artificial colours and flavours, any preservatives come from cured meats used as ingredients
  • As salt enhances taste the challenge has been to reduce salt content without compromising flavour or using additives
  • The Healthy Choice range reflects Baxters' commitment to developing healthier products

Since 2000, Baxters Food Group has undertaken an extensive reformulation programme to ensure its soups meet or exceed salt targets set by the Food Standards Agency.

Baxters bean cansSalt is often raised as a concern in the soup category and Baxters has worked hard to reduce the salt content of its entire range. As salt enhances taste, the challenge has been to reduce the salt content without compromising flavour or resorting to the use of additives and alienating consumers.

Baxters, therefore, committed to a gradual salt reduction programme over a period of eight years. Today, the average amount of salt used in Baxters soup is approximately half of what it was. The whole range now comfortably meets the Food Standards Agency's 2010 targets for salt in soup and is well placed to meet the proposed 2012 targets.

As well as reducing salt, Baxters has sought to minimise the use of additives in its soups. For example, ordinary table salt contains an additive to help it flow. By replacing this with sea salt, this additive has been removed.

Baxters soups are now free from all artificial colours and flavourings. The only preservatives used in its soups are from cured meats, such as bacon.

The increased consumer awareness of salt and additives has also been central to Baxters' new product development programme.

The Healthy Choice range of soups was specifically designed to ensure that each serving provides at least one of the recommended five daily portions of vegetables; is a source of protein and fibre; is low in fat; is free from any artificial additives; and, of course, meets the Food Standards Agency's salt targets.

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Last reviewed: 06 Jul 2009