Britvic Soft Drinks - reformulation case studies

“Britvic is committed to responding to changing consumer needs through innovation and reformulation across our portfolio – the broadest of any soft drinks company in the UK – while offering great choices in taste and hydration both at home and on the go”

Susan Turner, Head of Corporate Affairs, Britvic Soft Drinks

  • Reformulation has been a priority at Britvic since 2006
  • The challenge has been to reduce the sugar level of products whilst maintaining the taste and texture
  • The company has made significant investment in its reformulation programme
  • Britvic's successful adult juice drink J20 now has on average 11% less sugar and no added sweeteners
  • Reformulation projects take between six and 12 months to complete, from design and testing to production

With a portfolio including some of the UK's favourite brands such as Robinsons, Tango, Pepsi – which Britvic bottles in the UK for PepsiCo – and the Britvic brand, Britvic Soft Drinks is one of the two leading soft drink businesses in Great Britain producing 1.6 billion litres per year.

J2O bottlesBritvic has been engaged for some time in various health and wellbeing initiatives, including the development of an extensive array of no-added sugar varieties and more natural products through new aseptic technology in its Rugby factory.

Britvic has also embarked on a programme of existing product reformulation to reduce sugar levels.

Reducing the sugar levels in some soft drinks is a particular challenge as consumers often welcome the texture and taste sensation offered by sugar. Britvic has, however, successfully reduced the sugar content in a number of its products whilst maintaining or in some cases improving taste and consumer acceptability.

A good example of this is J20, Britvic's successful adult juice drink, which has been reformulated to achieve on average an 11% reduction in total sugars without adding sweeteners. The reduction was achieved by adjusting the pH, texture and flavour balance of the product, leading to positive consumer taste tests.

Regular Tango has also benefited from a 30% reduction in sugar levels to 4.4g per 100ml while the UK's leading kids' soft drink, Fruit Shoot, now contains 12% less sugar, as well as a low sugar variant, a pure juice (Fruit Shoot 100%) and a flavoured water (Fruit Shoot H20).

Britvic has an ongoing reformulation programme to ensure its products provide great taste, enjoyment and refreshment, which fit easily into a healthy, balanced diet.

Britvic is committed to providing consumers with a range of soft drink choices and will continue to adapt its portfolio to meet changing consumer needs.

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Last reviewed: 06 Jul 2009