Kingsmill - reformulation case studies

“As part of our commitment, Kingsmill has been working for five years on gradually reducing salt levels, ensuring we don't unduly affect consumers' palates.

We have made significant reductions in the amount of salt we use, helping consumers to make a healthier choice, while retaining our reputation for producing the highest-quality products”

Mark Fairweather, Chief Executive Officer, Kingsmill

  • The reformulation programme has been in place since 2004
  • An estimated 60 tonnes of salt has been removed from the Kingsmill range
  • The company puts consumer needs at the heart of all of its development. Reducing levels of salt gradually has minimised the flavour changes, helping consumers adjust to the lower levels
  • Salt is fundamental to bread making, so reducing salt affects both the process and the quality of the finished bread
  • Investment to implement salt reduction has been substantial in terms of ingredient costs, research and implementation

As part of the Federation of Bakers, Kingsmill has been committed to reducing salt levels since 2004.

Kingmill bread Salt levels have been reduced gradually and without any salt replacers, so as to minimise the flavour impact for consumers.

Since 2004 an estimated 60 tonnes of salt has been removed from the Kingsmill range.

Bread is one of life's staple foods, eaten by most people every day. It's a good source of carbohydrate and fibre, it is low in fat and sugar, and is a key source of vitamins and minerals in the UK diet; the one area of concern has been the salt level.

Salt has an important role to play in bread making – one of the key challenges for manufacturers is that salt helps to control fermentation, so when the level is reduced it causes problems that can impact on product quality.

The Food Standards Agency is working closely with the baking industry to examine the role of salt in bread, in order to find ways to optimise the baking process and minimise the impact on the finished bread.

The investment for all of the work on Kingsmill has been substantial in terms of ingredient costs, research and implementation, as well as continued laboratory testing for the 11 bakeries around the country.

Kingsmill's priority is to continue to provide great tasting, quality products for consumers. Salt reduction is a key project for the business. However, it is also looking for other ways to communicate its products' nutritional goodness to consumers.

Kingsmill 50/50, made with wholegrains, is just one example of the way in which the company is providing a range of breads to suit consumer needs.

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Last reviewed: 06 Jul 2009