Kraft Foods - reformulation case studies

“We want to offer people food choices that fit their lives. Our reformulation work aims to meet the challenge to improve nutrition without compromising on the quality and taste people expect from their favourite brands”

Nick Bunker, VP and Managing Director, Kraft Foods UK & Ireland

  • Dairylea's reformulation programme began in 2002.
  • Salt has been reduced by one third across the Dairylea range and Kraft continues to search for further improvements
  • This work is part of a global push on health with more than 5,000 'better for you' options available across the world
  • The company's key challenge is to improve nutrition without compromising taste or safety
  • Kraft has invested well over $20m in worldwide research and development over several years to reduce sodium in its products

People take an ever-greater interest in their health, particularly in what they eat. But many find it difficult to make big changes to their lifestyles.

Kraft Foods believes it can help in three ways: by offering a choice of products to meet different tastes, occasions and nutrition goals; by providing easy to understand nutrition information to help people make decisions based on facts; and by working with others to promote consistent messages about healthy lifestyles.

When developing products, Kraft Foods look through consumers' eyes to find fresh ideas to make great-tasting foods that fit within healthy lifestyles.

People in the UK want to limit fat, salt and sugar intake, look for a range of convenient choices and will not sacrifice delicious taste for health.

Reformulation has been an important part of Kraft Foods' plans for many years. The company does what it can to reduce salt and fat and offer lower calorie options.

Light Philadelphia now outsells the regular variety, Philadelphia Splendips provide a satisfying snack with less than 150 calories and Philadelphia Mini-tubs come in single serve packs.

Kraft Foods has reduced salt by more than 30% across the Dairylea range since 2002 and continues to search for further improvements. Since 2006 salt and fat have been reduced in Dairylea Light Slices by 18% and 14% respectively. Dairylea Light Spread has just 7% fat and the classic Dairylea triangle comes in a 17.5g serving to help portion control.

These changes are reflected in other parts of the world. For example, in the US the company has reduced sodium in many of products with an average reduction of 14% across its range.

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Last reviewed: 06 Jul 2009