Ingredients for Success

Food and drink manufacturing is a great British success story.

Throughout its history our industry has embraced new ideas and new approaches which have transformed consumers' lives. By constantly investing for the long-term in our people, products and processes we have increased the supply of safe, affordable and nutritious foods so that the average proportion of income spent on food has dropped from 50% in 1914 to around 10% in 2014.

The industry was resilient through recession, has grown its exports and has continued to invest in skills and innovation to reduce its environmental impact and support improvements in public health. With the right partnership with Government we can build on our success to continue to improve our efficiency, productivity and overall contribution to the economy.

We ask the next government to work with us through an industrial partnership driven by a food and drink council; to support voluntary frameworks for industry action to improve public health and environmental sustainability whilst maintaining the competitiveness of the UK industry; and to help us to maintain resilient supply chains for safe, affordable and nutritious food.

These are our ingredients for success and we ask for your support in delivering them.

Our Agenda

An industrial partnership between industry and Government Support frameworks for voluntary action by industry Building resilient supply chains for safe, affordable and nutritious food