Policy Position

Sustainability is about achieving a better quality of life for everyone, now and for future generations to come. The environment is a central facet of this.

Food companies know that sustainability is integral to their future profitability, as is the need to increase resilience throughout their supply chains.

Corporate actions also need to be matched by improvements in the policy and regulatory frameworks within which the industry operates. This will require a common understanding of what we mean by sustainable production and consumption in a resource-constrained world and how best to encourage and support behaviour change.

This must be evidence-based and underpinned by agreed methodologies which take account of the enormous natural variabilities involved and the range of trade-offs in optimising outputs in relation to inputs. Rigid product standards and a one size fits all approach risk being counterproductive in such circumstances.

Innovation and technology will also have a major role to play, though without mechanisms to refl ect the cost of external impacts in product prices, there are likely to issues of market failure to overcome in generating the necessary investments.

FDF is committed to working constructively in addressing these issues at national and international level.

Food and Drink Federation members are committed to making a significant contribution to improving the environment – view our sustainability priorities.

FDF is also committed to measuring progress against each of our ambitions and publishing annual progress - see our Five-fold Environmental Ambition progress report.

For our FDF policy positions on a variety of sustainability issues:

Last reviewed: 28 Jan 2014