Saturated Fat and Energy

Policy Position

People’s lifestyles, tastes and nutritional requirements are very different. Thus FDF believes it is important to manufacture a range of products (including products that may be higher in fat) to cater for a range of consumers.

Although FDF members produce a wide variety of products, they are committed to continuing to reduce levels of saturated fat within them, and also to providing lower fat options where technologically possible, safe and acceptable. Members are also committed to exploring new approaches for portion sizes to help drive nutritionally appropriate consumption.

Industry has already demonstrated that much can be achieved through voluntary initiatives, which can move quicker and be more flexible than regulation. In October 2013, a voluntary saturated fat pledge was launched under the UK Governments Responsibility Deal, to which many FDF members were signatories. Over the last 5 years[1]:, the average shopping basket of our members’ products is lower in saturated fat by 9.5%.

FDF members are committed to working with Government and alongside others to make it easier for people to move towards recommended diet and physical activity levels.


Last reviewed: 17 Dec 2019