Environmental Regulations

Policy Position

FDF supports the existing IPPC Directive as an efficient tool to reduce emissions in a balanced way, by applying Best Available Techniques or equivalent while taking into account economic considerations, environmental objectives (including cross-media effects) and local conditions.

Due to the very short time since the end of the implementation period of the existing IPPC Directive 96/61/EC i.e. 30 October 2007, FDF considers that an assessment of its effectiveness and a revision, in particular concerning its core principles, is premature and inconsistent with the Commission’s Better Regulation agenda.

FDF therefore supports initiatives to stimulate full implementation of the existing IPPC system rather than changing it radically at this stage. Regarding the Recast proposal itself FDF has identified a number of generic and food specific issues of concern which have been forwarded to Defra in response to its consultation package.



Following a two year review process the EC published on 21 December 2007 its proposal for a Directive on ‘industrial emissions (integrated pollution prevention and control) (recast) along with an impact assessment. The proposal recasts seven existing Directives related to industrial emissions, including Directive 96/61/EC concerning IPPC, into a single legislative framework. The proposal is subject to scrutiny by the European Parliament and the Council.

The Commission envisages the Directive will come into force on 1 January 2011 although the co-decision process could result in a slightly different date on either side; installations comprising smaller combustion plant 20-50MW will have a further 4.5 years.

At the end of May Defra launched a consultation package on the Recast proposalin order to inform the position the UK takes when negotiations of the Directive get fully underway in September. This 'package' comprises inter alia a general consultation dealing with the substantive amendments to the main articles along with one on combustion plants and another dealing with changes to scope. The bulk of the consultation closes on 25 July with the scope changes part closing on 31 July. The consultation has now closed.

Last reviewed: 19 Sep 2008