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10 April 2008

FSA Decision on Colours Bizarre Says Food Industry

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Responding to the FSA decision to recommend phasing out of the Southampton study colours in food and drink in the EU and voluntary ban by 2009 in the UK, Julian Hunt, Food and Drink Federation Director of Communications said:

“UK food and drink manufacturers are already taking these colours out of products on supermarket shelves, so we are surprised the FSA Board feels it is an appropriate use of their powers to call for a voluntary ban.

“The UK industry has for a number of years been responding to consumers' demands for fewer artificial additives in food and drinks. Our members have been reducing the use of the colours highlighted in the Southampton study. The overwhelming majority of products don't contain these particular colours. However, there are a handful of popular food and drinks where reformulation has not been possible for technical reasons and we are concerned these will have to be taken off shop shelves.

“The FSA proposal puts the UK at odds with the rest of Europe, where decisions about the safety of additives are made. Such a ban could not apply to imports from Europe since the UK would be the only country to ban these colours, which raises questions about how workable it really is.”

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