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20 March 2009

Food industry baffled by advice being given to Food Standards Agency Board

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The Food Standards Agency Board will next week discuss the results of a review of the nutrient profiling model used to support Ofcom's TV advertising regulations. The Board paper, published today, recommends that the so-called 'protein cap' remains in place.

Responding to this paper, Julian Hunt, Food and Drink Federation (FDF) Director of Communications, said: “We are baffled by this recommendation from Food Standards Agency officials to the Board.

"An independent panel of experts has been conducting a thorough review of the nutrient profiling model for almost two years. At the last minute, without any consultation, officials are proposing that one of the independent panel's key recommendations should be overturned – apparently because of concerns that products such as organic rice cakes, breadsticks and fruity muesli will now 'pass' the profiling model.

"The so-called 'protein cap' was first introduced into the profiling model in 2005 without adequate consultation. The independent panel concluded that this protein cap should be removed – partly to encourage industry to continue its work to change the recipes of popular food and drink products. But officials are now recommending that this independent advice is ignored – again without any proper consultation among stakeholders or apparent justification in the light of the evidence.

"The Board paper published today provides no good reasons to support the overturning of the independent panel's advice and we urge FSA Board members to reject this recommendation."

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