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26 February 2018

FDF response to Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit speech today

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Ian Wright CBE, FDF Director General said:

“The Leader of the Opposition is correct to highlight the complexities of those supply chains which rely upon barrier-free and tariff-free trade. The success of UK food and drink manufacturers depends upon the frictionless movement of ingredients and finished products - nowhere is this more stark than on the island of Ireland, where food and drink can cross the border five or six times. Any delays at ports or border risks disruption to our 'just-in time' production, potentially adding costs and reducing choice for consumers and shoppers.

“It is essential too that we secure a stable regulatory regime after Brexit which protects the high levels of safe food and drink that UK consumers have come to expect. We greatly value the expertise from EU agencies such as European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) which ensures rigorous, science and evidence-based policy making, and it is also important we continue to have access to intelligence gathering networks.”

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