Food and drink manufacturing plays a vital role in underpinning the UK economy.

As well as creating wealth for the nation, manufacturers have a key strategic role to play in ensuring the nation's future food security against the combined effects of climate change, higher global demand and increasing pressure on finite resources.

FDF members want a public commitment from Government that it will support a thriving and sustainable food sector in the UK as a top priority in its own right, by driving clear, coherent and consistent policies in all areas which contribute to this.

This means putting in place a competitive and regulatory framework which promotes efficiency of resource use, stimulates innovation and attracts the skills and investment which will be needed.

Our competitiveness work

Industrial Strategy

The aim of the development of a modern Industrial Strategy is to help businesses create high quality, well paid jobs throughout the country. FDF has created a Q&A so that members can understand the work that FDF is currently doing in this area.
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Sustainable growth

Economic contribution and growth opportunities

Industry-wide report by Grant Thornton highlighting key growth opportunities for the food and drink industry, the UK's largest manufacturing sector. Find out more about the Grant Thornton report


Our vision for an innovative, resilient, resource-efficient and safe food and drink manufacturing supply chain that delivers affordable, nutritious and safe food for 21st century populations.
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Growth through exports

With domestic markets growing more steadily, manufacturing companies have been working hard to develop new opportunities.
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Preparing for a changing workforce: A food and drink supply chain approach to skills

Developing home-grown talent and improving workforce skills is a key priority of the UK food and drink industry. Find out more about the changing workforce.


We fully support the Government’s aim to increase the quality and quantity of apprenticeships. Growing apprenticeship numbers is a key part of the solution for the UK food and drink industry.
Find out more about apprenticeships in our industry and the Apprenticeship Levy.

National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering

We are working with Sheffield Hallam University and the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink to develop a world leading National Centre of Excellence.
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MEng and BEng Food Engineering degree

In partnership with the National Skills Academy for food and drink and Sheffield Hallam University we have developed a new MEng and BEng Food Engineering degree course to equip graduates with the technical skills and knowledge that the food and drink manufacturing industry requires.
Find out more about Graduate Excellence and the Food Engineering course

Occupational Health and Safety

FDF is committed to supporting industry health and safety by continuing to promote industry best practice via our website and our OHS committee still exists as a virtual group to disseminate information. FDF is a member of the Food and Drink Manufacture Health and Safety Forum to ensure we remain linked into to the important work taking place.
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More Information

Consultation responses

We respond to a wide range of Government consultations on issues of interest to the UK food and drink manufacturing industry.

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