Food Safety and Science

The safety of our products remains paramount for industry and continues to be the top priority for FDF.

The inherent perishability of food from the time of harvest or slaughter requires food manufacturers to be continually vigilant in maintaining product safety – whether from the threat of chemical or microbiological contamination.

FDF ensures that members stay abreast of the advances in science that change our understanding of food safety issues and we promote the need for appropriate risk assessment and reduction strategies by regulators. We help our members by trying to ensure that food safety incidents are handled in a proportionate way, at national and EU level, and we co-ordinate an effective industry response.

Science also brings opportunities for product and process innovation and FDF plays a key role in explaining to policy makers, regulators and opinion formers how these developments can provide real benefits for consumers.

As the body of legislation governing our industry continues to evolve and grow, we work closely with our European counterpart, FoodDrinkEurope, to ensure that the industry's voice is heard in the right places and at the right time within the EU.

Our Food Safety and Scientific Steering Group represents, promotes and safeguards the interests of the UK food industry in relation to scientific issues and regulatory developments.

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Last reviewed: 08 Oct 2020