Current powered by GE

Current, powered by GE enables intelligent environments where lighting is networked with sensors that capture usage and energy consumption data to dynamically improve productivity

Current powered by GE LogoWe can optimise solutions that reduce energy, produces power on site and shifts usage.

Our technology:

  • Places the industrial internet at the centre of our intelligent environments, which delivers deep analytical insights to fully maximise your assets
  • Future-proofs your operation using a one-time installation process

Current brings innovation in one place by combining GE's capabilities in LED, Solar, Energy Storage, Onsite generation, and Electric Vehicle infrastructure into a sustainable energy ecosystem that benefits our customers and partners. Predix is the backbone of the Industrial Internet, taking data from machines and generating insights for customers, which they can then use to analyse energy consumption and create efficiencies.

Imagine using the most advanced technologies to make real-time decisions about your energy use. Imagine intelligent environments where buildings can generate power on site, or on the grid through networked lighting.

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Last reviewed: 14 Jul 2016