Environment publications

When the Food and Drink Federation launched its Five-fold Environmental Ambition in October 2007 we are committed, on behalf of our members, to make a significant contribution to improving the environment by targeting those areas where we felt we could make the biggest difference.

FDF has produced several publications reporting of the progress made by our members

Decarbonisation of heat across the food and drink manufacturing sector

Published June 2020

The report looks at what industry, its partners and government, can do to support the crucial transition to carbon neutrality.

Recycled content used in plastic packaging applications

Published April 2020

In order to help build a truly circular economy businesses are increasingly looking at ways to incorporate recycled content into their packaging. This is no less true than in the area of plastics packaging.

This guide is intended to help support such applications for food and drink, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products by providing detailed information on measuring recycled content, regulatory requirements and technical considerations. It additionally identifies the risks of not following required procedures and addresses considerations in relation to labelling and communications.

FDF's Environmental Ambition: Progress Report 2019

Published January 2019

Since last year, FDF members have reported a further reduction in CO2 emissions, down 53.2% since 1990, and a reduction in water consumption, down 38.5% since 2008.

FDF's Environmental Ambition: Progress Report 2017

Published January 2018

The Food and Drink Federation's (FDF) Ambition 2025, launched in October 2016. The adoption of Ambition 2025 by members expressed a strong desire to go even further and take strides towards shaping future value chains and increasing awareness of natural capital. This report outlines the progress made by members to deliver our Ambition 2025.

Report of FDF Members' Survey of Food and Packaging Waste Arisings in 2015

Published April 2017

This report presents the results of the survey commissioned jointly by FDF and WRAP to collect data on food and packaging waste arisings from FDF members' manufacturing sites in 2015.

Packaging for people, planet and profit - A sustainability checklist

Published March 2017

This Checklist has been prepared jointly by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and INCPEN – the Industry Council for research on Packaging & the Environment.

We encourage our members and others to use it and commend it to their suppliers, customers and other companies.

FDF's Environmental Ambition: Progress Report 2016

Published February 2017

This progress report highlights the collective environmental progress our members achieved under the Five-Fold Environmental Ambition, and are taking forward under Ambition 2025.

Ambition 2025 - Shaping Sustainable Value Chains

Published October 2016

FDF's 'Ambition 2025 – shaping sustainable value chains' is the next step on our journey to help deliver a sustainable food system into the future. It is a journey that will see our industry continue to take a leading role to further improve resource efficiencies and address the wider sustainability agenda.


Sustainable palm oil - Five steps to ensure responsible sourcing

Published December 2014

This simple guide sets out a step-by-step process to help food and drink manufacturers of all sizes get started on the journey of sourcing sustainable palm oil.

View Sustainable palm oil - Five steps to ensure responsible sourcing
Download the Sustainable palm oil - Five steps to ensure responsible sourcing - PDF


Sustainable Sourcing: Five Steps Towards Managing Supply Chain Risk

Published: December 2012

The Sustainable Sourcing Guide sets out a step-by-step process to help food and drink manufacturing businesses of all sizes to help identify, prioritise and manage upstream supply chain risks as part of a more strategic approach towards supply chain sustainability.

View the Sustainable Sourcing Guide.

Download: Sustainable Sourcing Five Steps Guide - pdf | 450kb


Every Last Drop - Saving water along the food supply chain

Published December 2011

Every Last Drop aims to raise awareness amongst food and drink companies of the issue of water stress, and to provide practical easily-accessible guidance on how businesses can be more water efficient across four key areas: the supply chain, operations, the boardroom and the individual at home.

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Download leaflet: Every Last Drop - pdf | 1Mb