Health and Wellbeing publications

The aim of FDF's Diet and Health Committee is to work constructively with Government, regulators and others to help find solutions to the complex issues at the heart of the diet and health challenge here in the UK.

Key areas of work identified by the Committee this year include: positioning FDF members as proactive partners for engagement and future work with Government (including devolved countries), robustly showcasing the progressive actions of FDF members to key stakeholders enabling consumers to lead healthier lives and delivering on a range of collaborative industry-wide projects, including reformulation of products in support of public health goals and promoting best practice in workplace wellbeing.

Latest Publications

Feeding Change

This report summarises our continuing commitment to diet and health policy issues. It sets out examples of the great work that is going on in that field in countries across the UK. It is a record of real achievement and one of which we are all enormously proud.

Reformulation guide - Spotlight on Sugars - for small to medium sized companies

A free reformulation guide for small and medium sized companies developed by Leatherhead Food Research (LFR).

This new guidance sets out the regulatory framework covering the reduction of sugars, key considerations when reducing sugars or using sugar replacers and factors affecting the consumer acceptability of sugar replacers. The guide covers the different challenges and opportunities in reducing sugars in the soft drinks, dairy and baked goods categories, and also discusses ingredient and labelling considerations.