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Risks under the radar - Anticipating supply chain risks for the UK food and drink sector

Published June 2020

In the wake of the 2018 CO2 crisis, the Food and Drink Federation commissioned Global Counsel to examine the food and drink manufacturing sector to identify other key risks that, like CO2, that were liable to be underestimated.

This report - Risks Under the Radar – is the result of that study. It should be required reading for all those with responsibility for corporate risk. That includes not only risk managers and non-executive members of company risk committees, but also CEOs, CFOs and the whole leadership team. Investors and employees expect their corporate leaders to have a firm grasp of all the eventualities which their business might encounter. Not to have it is a reason to question management competence.

Preparing for a Changing Workforce

Published October 2019

Access to skills is a growing problem across the sector, and according to the Food and Drink Sector Council's Preparing for a Changing Workforce Report, the majority of companies expect the situation to become more difficult, as we see record lows in unemployment (3.8%), parts of the industry where one third of workers could retire in the next 15-17 years and a forecasted 120,000 fewer migrants overall by 2023.

This report outlines the future workforce and skills needs of the UK food and drink sector, and has brought together the entire supply chain to develop key recommendations for both government and industry that will deliver a real step change.

Rules of origin in an EU-UK FTA

A 'hidden hard Brexit' for food and drink exporters?

Published March 2018

Report commissioned by the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and the National Association of British and Irish Flour Millers (NABIM) from Global Counsel has revealed that the UK's food and drink manufacturing sector could face a hidden 'hard Brexit' once the UK leaves the EU as a result of rules of origin.

Breaking the chain

Key workforce considerations for the UK food and drink supply chain as we leave the EU

Published August 2017

Survey to establish the supply chain's Brexit priorities from a labour and workforce perspective and to address some of the gaps in official data.

Economic contribution and growth opportunities

Published July 2017

FDF commissioned industry-wide report by Grant Thornton has highlighted key growth opportunities for the food and drink industry, the UK's largest manufacturing sector. Find out more about the Grant Thornton report

FDF Manifesto 2017

Published May 2017

Our Manifesto is aimed at policymakers and candidates of all parties across the UK. It sets out the five key policies we want the next Government to implement after 8 June 2017 to ensure the UK's food and farming sector continues to lead the world.

Food and Drink Exporting: Five steps to success

Published April 2017

Five steps to food and drink export success

Download: PDF brochure: Growth through Exports

Food and drink manufacturing priorities for a new UK-EU relationship

Published July 2016

FDF has published its first manifesto which sets out food and drink manufacturers' key priorities for the negotiations on the UK's new relationship with the European Union. This document includes the key short and longer-term actions the largest manufacturing sector – food and drink requires if it is to remain competitive and successful.

Unlocking talent – The key to driving food and drink productivity

Published July 2016

The food and drink sector has a strong record on productivity growth, outstripping overall UK productivity and many global competitors. The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and National Skills Academy for Food and Drink, working alongside apetito, Butt Foods, Nestlé, Mars, Mondeléz International and Premier Foods, have identified essential steps to maintaining the talent pipeline.

The key findings and business actions under the project, which forms part of Sir Charlie Mayfield's Government Productivity Review, have been captured in a report - 'Unlocking Talent – The Key to Driving Food and Drink Productivity'.

Discover your career in food and drink

Published March 2016

With a range of entry routes into food and drink, there's something for everyone!

Careers in food and drink cover a whole range of areas, including food science, product development, marketing and communications, nutrition and wellbeing, HR, packaging, research and design – with a particular demand for engineers. The options are endless!

10 Steps to Export Success - A reference guide for food and drink businesses

Published September 2014 - first version published September 2013

FDF in collaboration with Defra have created this free online resource to help food and drink manufacturers with every step in their exporting journey.

Download: 10 Steps to Export Success guide - pdf | 700k

Ingredients for Success

Published June 2014

Food and drink manufacturing is a great British success story.

With the right partnership with Government we can build on our success to continue to improve our efficiency, productivity and overall contribution to the economy.

Download the Ingredients for Success - Agenda - pdf

Download the Food Authenticity: Five steps to help protect your business from food fraud guide - pdf | 600Kb


Delivering Sustainable Growth Through Innovation

Published December 2013

In this report FDF sets out its vision for an innovative, resilient, resource-efficient and safe food and drink manufacturing supply chain that delivers affordable, nutritious and safe food for 21st century populations. The vision includes ten long term priority areas for innovation

View the Delivering Sustainable Growth Through Innovation

Download the Food Delivering Sustainable Growth Through Innovation - pdf | 400Kb

Celebrating Our People

Published: July 2013

Looking back on 100 years of FDF and the progress that food and drink manufacturers have made throughout the last century we are taking the opportunity to celebrate the most vital ingredient in our recipe for success.

Download Celebrating Our People - pdf | 800 kb


Take a closer look at food engineering

Published June 2013

The MEng food engineering degree course provides students with everything they need to secure a coveted graduate role with UK's leading food and drinks manufacturers.

Download the student campaign brochure - pdf | 248kb

Download the student campaign poster - pdf | 344kb


20/20 Vision for Growth: Achievements 2012

Published: December 2012

FDF's shared vision for the UK food and drink industry is to deliver sustainable growth of 20% by 2020. This leaflet outlines the achievements of the last twelve months.

View the 2012 Achievements: 20/20 Vision for Growth.

Download 20/20 Vision for Growth: Achievements 2012 leaflet - pdf | 500 kb


Delivering growth through Apprenticeships

Published: December 2012

Throughout 2012, FDF has been working to help companies understand the benefits that apprenticeships can bring through the Apprenticeship pledge. This booklet reflects the progress that has been made.

View the Delivering growth through Apprenticeships.

Download Delivering growth through Apprenticeships booklet - pdf | 450 kb


Delivering sustainable growth through exports

Published: April 2012

Food and drink exports are one of the key drivers of growth for our industry. With domestic markets growing more steadily, manufacturing companies have been working hard to develop new opportunities.

Download Delivering sustainable growth through exports - pdf | 1.45Mb


Sustainable Growth in the Food and Drink Manufacturing Industry Report cover

A Grant Thornton report commissioned by Food and Drink Federation.

Published December 2011

This report concludes that the food and soft drink manufacturing industry (FDM) can generate sustainable growth and contribute to the UK economic recovery by building on its strengths and minimising its weaknesses. However, the industry will only be able to achieve this if it operates in a supportive regulatory environment which incentivises business investment and nurtures British food and drink manufacturers.

View the Sustainable Growth report

Download the Full Grant Thornton Report - pdf | 6.5Mb


Future Scenarios for the UK Food & Drink Industry

Published: September 2010

This report provides a set of possible scenarios for the future of the food and drink industry in the UK in 2025. The report is commissioned by the FDF and written based on work carried out by the Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge (IfM).

View online or download full report: Future Scenarios for the UK Food & Drink Industry - pdf | 3Mb


Value of Food & Drink Manufacturing to UK

Published: July 2010

This report provides a summary of the impact of food and drink manufacturers on the UK economy. The report is commissioned by the FDF from the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) to clarify what the impacts of the industry were and to understand what could be done to improve the economic and social impacts of the industry.

Download full report: Val ue of Food & Drink Manufacturing to UK 2010 - pdf | 1.6Mb


Support a British success story - Manifesto

Manifesto 2010 cover

Published: April 2010

As the main trade association for the UK's food and drink manufacturers, we believe the facts speak for themselves: FDF members play a vital role in underpinning the economy through our ongoing efforts to create jobs, add value and boost exports.

Download full report: Support a British success story: Manifesto 2010 - pdf | 864kb


Working for the UK: Our contribution to the economy

Published: December 2007

Delivering for the environment This report studies the UK food and drink manufacturing sector with the aim of examining its importance to the UK economy, identifying important trends over the next five years and the industry's capacity to respond to them, and highlighting constraints that need to be addressed by the industry and the Government.

The report is based on a review of recent literature and statistics relating to the sector and interviews with senior food industry executives.

Download leaflet: Working for the UK: our contribution to the economy - pdf | 2.9Mb