Response to Consultation on changes to the glass packaging recycling business target to 2017

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January 2014

FDF welcomes the Government's decision to revisit the business target for glass recycling on the basis of new evidence on glass flows with a view to reducing the costs to producers whilst ensuring that the EU targets continue to be met. FDF would though urge the Government to make as early an announcement as possible of the likely future targets. This will help to minimise disruption to the market and allow cost benefits to be passed to producers as early as possible.

While revising the glass recycling target is a welcome step, FDF continues to believe that a more fundamental of review of the PRN/PERN system is needed to restore the trust and confidence of obligated businesses. We therefore call on Defra as a matter of urgency to engage with industry to take this forward, in particular to identify ways to improve the transparency of the system including how the revenue is spent so that obligated businesses can plan better and make informed decisions.

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Last reviewed: 17 Jun 2015