FDF response to Environmental Audit Committee Climate Change Adaptation inquiry

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September 2014

On 9 July 2014, the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee launched an inquiry on climate change adaptation and FDF submitted a written response in September.

FDF's response highlighted the need for a policy environment where resilience, sustainability, traceability and authenticity considerations are pulled together in a coherent framework.

Through initiatives such as the FDF's Five-fold Environmental Ambition, the UK food and drink sector is already taking action to mitigate its direct resource impacts. But adapting to climate change will require a much wider collaboration across society, involving Government, business and consumers. It will potentially affect all aspects of the way food is produced and consumed, from the raw materials we source, the energy, water and other resources we use in manufacture, to the distribution and storage of what we produce and the choices which consumers make, so that everyone can continue to have safe, affordable and secure access to the food they need.

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