Defra Consultation on draft Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) Regulations

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May 2013

FDF very much supports the need to move towards higher quality recycling through a range of measures as set out in the recently published Quality Action Plan for England. Government intervention to require MRF operators to improve the transparency of their operations is in our view an essential element of this drive especially given that voluntary approaches have seemingly failed. This increased transparency will in turn help build a more robust reprocessing sector in England and Wales, create sustainable value in new end markets and contribute to the Government's wider objectives around resource efficiency and the green economy.

FDF has some concerns regarding the absence in the proposals of any set of standards and guidance on the required sampling and sorting regimes so that everyone knows what is expected of them. In addition, to exclude compositional information for output materials transferred from one MRF to another would in our view undermine the robustness of the system. It could become a way of masking the movement of poor quality recyclate and might also encourage fraudulent practices.

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