FDF response to the Defra/Welsh Government Consultation on Reforming the Water Abstraction Management System

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May 2014

Water is a vital resource for the food and drink industry, both for its raw material and processing needs. Food businesses simply couldn't function without access to adequate supplies of clean water to grow raw materials, to operate factories and in many cases for consumers to enjoy the products. Having access to an adequate supply of water is therefore crucial to ensuring safe and secure food supplies both now and in the future.

FDF recognises the need to take action now to tackle unsustainable abstraction and to develop a system that can be more responsive to future pressures on our water resources as a result of climate change and population growth. We also fully support the proposal to implement the proposed reforms on a catchment by catchment basis rather than a universal one based on an assessment of environmental and economic need. How this is managed though needs to recognise that water is essential for the running of certain operations such as food and drink production and for the supply of ingredients without which such economic activity would cease.

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Last reviewed: 17 Jun 2015