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October 2011

FDF response to HSE proposal for extending cost recovery

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) consultation on extending cost recovery is significant as it represents the first major structural change to the UK health and safety process since the imposed 35% cut to the HSE's budget in the 2010 spending review.

The proposals set out by the consultation look to implement a charge out 'fee for intervention' which would be applied to the administrative costs associated with any HSE inspection of a business that results in a breach of health and safety law. The fees are designed to recover the costs of an inspection and essentially provide a new source of revenue.

Our submission points out the 'fee for intervention' charge out rate would far exceed the costs associated with any inspection therefore making the scheme profitable. We also indicate the negative effects the scheme would have on improving health and safety particularly in small and medium sized companies and reinforce the need to maintain support and guidance for those companies that are in breach of health and safety law.

We propose that a fee for intervention should be replace by mandatory HSE courses, guidance or training chargeable at commercial rates to ensure a more supportive and collaborative approach to preventing the re-occurrence of breaches.

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