Consultation on the proposed Zero Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2011

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February 2011

We welcome the Scottish Government's vision to minimise waste, reduce the amount sent to landfill and source separate certain waste materials. FDF's first priority is the prevention of food and packaging waste both at production sites and up and down the supply chain in accordance with the waste hierarchy. Where such waste is unavoidable our next priority is to recycle and recover such wastes and divert it away from landfill in accordance with our Five-fold Environmental Ambition to send zero food and packaging waste to landfill by 2015 at the latest.

Whilst FDF members would normally source segregate their wastes wherever possible as part of good environmental practice we are concerned about the proposal to require all food businesses to present the food waste generated by the activity for separate collection. Equally we have concerns about the potential impact on the food industry of the proposal to restrict inputs to energy from waste (EfW) plants to residual waste.

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