FDF responses on food safety and science

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) responds to a wide range of Government consultations on issues of interest to the UK food and drink manufacturing industry.

FDF develops responses which present information on the food and drink manufacturing sector and which outline pertinent issues confronting the sector and it's key stakeholders.

We have responded to consultations on the following food safety and science issues:

Food Hygiene

April 2016

Food Labelling

August 2015

July 2014

Food Safety

June 2016

  • FDF Response to FSA / FSS Consultation on Adulteration of Food: Setting Thresholds for Action and Reporting

April 2016

  • FDF response to PHE: Guidance on RTE foods and Guidance on Health Care Environments

December 2015

February 2010

Genetic Modification

March 2007


Full responses are available to FDF members in the member area

July 2016

  • Final FDF Response: CAP Consultation on Restricting HFSS Advertising to Children

December 2014

  • FDF Submission to Health Select Committee: The impact of physical activity and diet on health

November 2014

  • DfE Consultation on a New Cooking and Nutrition GCSE

October 2014

  • NICE Consultation on 'Maintaining a Healthy Weight

September 2014

  • NICE consultation on Dementia, Disability and Frailty

August 2014

  • SACN Carbohydrate and Health

April 2014

  • Consultation on the draft Healthy Eating in Schools (Nutritional Standards and Requirements) (Wales) Regulations

June 2013

  • Government's Review of the Balance of EU Competences
  • Healthier Scotland: A Consultation on Creating a New Food Body


November 2015


Last reviewed: 18 Apr 2017