Sugar Reduction

There is a significant drive by the Government for food and drink manufacturers and caterers to lower sugars in their products

FDF has published a sugars reformulation guide for SMEs developed by Leatherhead Food Research which is freely available to all companies. It offers guidance on sugars reduction in three categories: dairy desserts, baked goods and soft drinks.

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Salt Reduction

The Food and Drink Federation (FDF) and British Retail Consortium (BRC) have

identified eight product categories that present significant challenges in reducing salt to Government requested levels. These are: meat and meat products; bread particularly specialty and morning goods; cheese particularly cheddar and soft cheeses; extruded and pelleted snacks; cakes, pastries and fruit pies; pesto and other thick sauces; all other puddings and canned fish.

The challenges in reducing salt are different in each product category and the multiple functions of salt in each application need to be considered when reducing salt, e.g. taste, technical function, extending shelf life (and therefore reducing food waste) as well as the role of salt in food safety. 

This report has reviewed current options for salt reduction and identified new and

emerging technologies and ingredients that may be utilised. It has reviewed each

technology and ingredient and highlighted both beneficial attributes and limitations in

An independent overview of salt reduction technologies in development, conducted by Leatherhead Food Research and commissioned by FDF and the British Retail Consortium (BRC)

Other Resources

Many companies have already been very successful in reformulating products, particularly to reduce levels of salt and in removing artificial trans fats. Often the companies making the biggest strides have plenty of internal resource and expertise.

For smaller companies who are yet to start their reformulation journey it can be far more challenging to know where to start.

The Institute of Grocery Distribution saw this as an opportunity to bring together best practice guidance to help smaller companies to reformulate products to reduce levels of salt, energy and saturated fat, thereby helping consumers make healthier choices.

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