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Extra bite for small businesses

Small businesses are the back-bone of the UK food and drink industry, many are family owned. They share lots of the same needs and priorities of large companies but, some concerns are different.

FDF caters for the need for every size of business, leaving owners and managers more time to concentrate on developing and selling their products.

Our work with SMEs is closely overseen by Jonathan Bye, CEO of Seabrooks Crisps who understands the specific needs of smaller food and drink manufacturers.

How we can help you compete

Saving time

Early alerts on new laws. Many laws affecting food and drink businesses are set in Europe. We keep an eye on the progress of legislation and interpret what this means for you.

There’s pressure on food and drink manufacturers to make their products healthier, a complex and time intensive process. We can provide reformulation advice on reducing salt, fat and calories.

Our online toolkits and guidance documents bring into one place great advice on important issues such as the Groceries Code, packaging and food contact, reducing acrylamide and energy.

Saving money

Our experts in science, food safety, regulation and sustainability are on-hand to hep advise you on technical and scientific matters, saving money on expensive consultancy fees

How to’ guidance to help with most aspects of your business. Over 20,000 documents can be accessed in our online archive.

Discounts on FDF essential training and events and low cost ‘How to Grow Your Business seminars

We have a members’ climate change agreement, whereby participating members companies can save 65% on their climate change levy.

Making the right connections

Food and drink producers are keen to speak to retail customers. At our quarterly Sales Directors’ Form we have a retail guest to talk about their developments and the best ways to engage their interest.

For Scottish companies, we run a regular Suppliers’ Forum.

The food and drink industry is subject to intense regulation, sometimes it can feel over-whelming but membership of a trade body brings strength in numbers to make sure that the Government and EU is aware of the impact on smaller companies – You are not alone!

And if you have more time…

We welcome smaller companies to attend our steering groups and working groups to discuss the wider issues affecting the food and drink industry. Your voice matters!

You can access our webinars and back-catalogue of webinars and guidance for more advice to help your business

Join us for our events. Our Food and Drink Manufacturers’ Dinner is our networking event of the year attended by over 400 industry leaders and influencers.

Applying for FDF membership

If you are not currently an FDF member please contact Ross Patterson email: or +44 (0) 20 7420 7208 about how to become an FDF member.

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Existing members

As an existing member to take advantage of these SME services simply login to our members' only area.

Last reviewed: 27 Jul 2016