Step 1 ) Map Your Supply Chain

Collect information to describe your supply chain on a product basis

Questions to consider

  • What is required to produce the product, e.g. raw ingredients, water, energy, packaging, transport, etc?
  • Who are your immediate suppliers?
  • Who supplies them? Think about suppliers all the way back to source
  • From which countries are key resources sourced and what do you know about them? e.g. are there any geopolitical issues?
  • What amounts are being sourced?
  • What are the largest resources in terms of expenditure and/or volume?

Getting Started

  • Use expertise from both within your business and outside, such as your trade association to help gather the relevant information
  • Start by mapping major product categories e.g. those that are most critical and/ or account for the largest expenditure
  • Gather information from suppliers to identify those who are of most strategic importance e.g. via questionnaire
  • Create a visual and statistical map of your product supply chain

Key outcome: Supply chain map

More Information

Last reviewed: 28 Jan 2014