Step 2 ) Identify Impact, Risks and Opportunities

Understand the key risks and opportunities in your supply chain which may impact on business resilience

Questions to consider

  • Is anything that you are sourcing in short supply and/or the subject of media or other concern?
  • Which of your suppliers are key? Are there alternative suppliers you could use?
  • What are the risks to your business continuity, integrity, market presence, and reputation?
  • Are there possibilities to do things differently?
  • Can you identify any other changes that will provide opportunities?

Getting started

  • Make sure you are aware of the main environmental, social and economic impacts associated with food and drink production
  • Identify resources that have 'hot' sustainability impacts e.g. from environmentally sensitive areas, targeted by NGOs/government as high risk, limited supply due to unique cultivation
  • Conduct scenario planning: consider the risk if certain resources were not available, what would substitute, what are the costs and/or volumes available?
  • Gather information from suppliers on identified supply chain risks and potential opportunities, including whether they have action plans in place

Key outcome: Understanding key risks and opportunities

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Last reviewed: 28 Jan 2014