Step 3 ) Assess and Prioritise Your Findings

Analyse how your business can manage resilience- related risks and take advantage of opportunities

Questions to consider

  • What are your key risks and who are the associated suppliers?
  • Are these direct or indirect suppliers?
  • To what extent can your business influence these suppliers, how could this be done e.g. partnerships, contract conditions, and what would happen to them if this supply no longer existed?
  • Which of the opportunities identified have the potential to provide the greatest benefit?

Getting started

  • Seek input from your marketing, procurement and regulatory/technical teams to help assess the key risks and potential opportunities
  • To help assess risks research external sources of information, e.g. your trade association
  • Create a risk matrix e.g. timeline, importance to stakeholders, ability to impact business operations/longevity, to help with prioritisation
  • Assess where your business can have most influence, what is material, and relevant?

Key outcome: Improved knowledge on how to manage risks and opportunities

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Last reviewed: 28 Jan 2014