Step 5 ) Implement, Track, Review and Communicate

Ensure action is taken, progress tracked , and communicated

Questions to consider

  • What is required to implement the action plan with suppliers?
  • Do your suppliers need on-going support to improve performance?
  • How best can you measure and report progress to senior management and across the broader organisation?
  • What are the opportunities for wider communication and publicity of achievements e.g. company reports, trade associations, press releases, etc?

Getting started

  • Consider integrating relevant parts of the action plan into suppliers' contracts
  • Agree a timetable for reviewing the action plan and regularly check it is on track
  • Make sure all employees involved have the support and resources they need e.g. consider any company training needs
  • Consider broader internal communication and opportunities for external communications to enhance transparency and support
  • Think of all five steps as a cyclical process that needs to be reviewed and repeated on a regular basis to ensure it remains current
  • Implement the lessons learnt back into business operations e.g. for new product design

Key outcome: Fully implemented action plan integrated into the business

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Last reviewed: 28 Jan 2014