Ambition 2025 – Food waste in depth

Our ambition Reduce food waste across the whole supply chain from farm to fork including within members' own operations.

Send zero food waste to landfill from members' own direct operations from 2016 and beyond.

How we will help members achieve this:

  • We will continue to provide support to members to take actions to prevent waste wherever possible and maximise its recovery across the food supply chain, including in the home.
  • Encourage members to work to the food waste hierarchy where the aim is to avoid generating food waste in the first place.
  • We will engage with our entire supply chains including end consumers and by working collectively with other stakeholders including UK governments and NGOs.
  • We will prioritise actions that focus on reducing avoidable food waste rather than production residues and inedible parts given the stronger relevance to safeguarding food security.
  • FDF will contribute to WRAP's Courtauld 2025 initiative which aims to achieve a 20% reduction in food and drink waste arising in the UK by 2025 per head of population against a 2015 baseline.
  • Every Meal Matters – food donation guidelines

    During 2016 FDF has worked with FoodDrinkEurope on producing a set of food donation guidelines which aim to encourage and make it easier for food manufacturers and retailers to donate their food surpluses to food banks where these cannot be prevented in the first place. Entitled 'Every Meal Matters', the new guidelines give practical and straightforward answers to questions that businesses wanting to donate food have, such as “which surplus food can we donate?”, 'can I donate food that has passed its “best before date?”, “who can I donate to?” or “which information on my food donations do I need to document?".

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Last reviewed: 12 Oct 2016