Ambition 2025 – Shaping Sustainable Value Chains

Our Vision: A thriving and sustainable UK food and drink industry that acts responsibly for the benefit of society and the environment.

Our Ambition: As the UK's largest manufacturing sector we will lead on collaborative transformations within the food and drink supply chain that enhance productivity and deliver environmental and social benefits to ensure safe, nutritious, affordable and sustainable food for all.

FDF's “Ambition 2025 – Shaping Sustainable Value Chains” builds on the success of our Five-Fold Environmental Ambition and is the next step on our journey to help deliver a more sustainable food system. In order to remain industry leading nearly a decade on, Ambition 2025 takes the Five-Fold forward with new commitments to take into account the ever changing sustainability agenda and the complexity of issues that are increasingly demanding a whole-chain approach.

The challenges of climate change, water stress, resource availability, population growth and changing demographics and patterns of consumption all combine to demand a new approach to build a global food system in which the environmental base to deliver food security for future generations is not compromised. Delivering this will require concerted and coordinated action from all actors in the food chain including producers, processors, retailers, consumers, governments and wider civil society. As food and drink manufacturers, we are committed to playing our part.

Our Ambition covers the key areas where we believe we can, collectively as a sector, make the biggest positive impact and where we can enable change and solutions that help transform entire supply chains. As such it comprises two key elements: Resource Efficiency and Shaping Future Value Chains, supported by wider FDF work on nutrition, social and economic issues.

Last reviewed: 12 Oct 2016