Sustainable palm oil - Check and map your use of palm oil

Collect information to describe your palm oil supply chain

Questions to consider

  • Which of your products might contain palm oil?
  • What are the exact palm oil ingredients and quantities in your products?
  • Is palm oil a critical ingredient for your business?
  • Who are your immediate suppliers?
  • Who supplies them? Think about suppliers all the way back to source.
  • Can your suppliers provide accurate information on palm oil ingredients?

Getting started

  • Find more information from:
  • Use expertise from both within your business and outside, such as your trade association and other intelligence sharing networks, to help gather the relevant information
  • Identify which of your products might contain palm oil
  • Send out a questionnaire to suppliers on ingredients, amounts and sources of palm oil used in products, with a deadline
  • Set up a system for storing data from suppliers – using systems such as Ecodesk, SAP, Sedex or just a simple Excel spreadsheet
  • Build a picture of your palm oil supply chain

Key deliverables

  • Report detailing which of your products contain palm oil
  • A visual and statistical map of your palm oil supply chain
  • Improved awareness of palm oil use among key decision makers

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Last reviewed: 07 Dec 2017