Unlocking talent - Case studies

Shaheed Gul Khattak, - Multi-skilled Engineering Apprentice at Mondelez International

Shaheed was involved in a project to modify existing parts of the wrapping machines on the Cadbury Dairy Milk Buttons line. He reduced failures with the main machine component by introducing a sturdier case, which he designed, and a 'heat shrink', preventing the wires and connections from burning and breaking.

This led to less machine down time and ultimately a more efficient production line.

An exceedingly good investment

In 2015 Premier Foods completed a £20 million investment in a new automated cake slice line at its Mr Kipling bakery in Carlton, Barnsley. Around 80 new highly skilled jobs have been created to operate the new line, with operators trained to run and troubleshoot sophisticated machinery, control quality and order ingredients and packaging to meet orders.

The new line includes state of the art robotics and the flexibility to pack different formats to meet different customer requirements.


Efficiency Improvements through Cultural Change

In 2014, the Butt Foods bakery was running at 80% efficiency. To improve efficiency and generate capacity, an employee survey was used to define the company culture and team values, which were used as framework to empower staff.

This allowed staff to take ownership of their work giving them the confidence to make suggestions and solutions. In just over nine months efficiency improved by over 10% and as a result the extra capacity this created enabled us to win a major new customer.


Ryan Braddon, Lean Coach in the Supply Chain Leadership team at Wrigley, a subsidiary of Mars, Incorporated.

Ryan joined Mars UK as an engineering apprentice in 2001. He gained vital experience working in the project engineering team before pursuing a path to become one of our factory Business Unit Leaders, responsible for our newest production line.

He has since progressed to become a Lean Coach in our Supply Chain Leadership Team. This team contributes to the development and execution of supply strategy, in addition to engaging all suppliers in the lean programme to drive continuous improvement across the business.


Sara-Jayne Barker - Modern Craft Apprentice at Nestlé’s York Factory

Sara-Jayne Barker was one of Nestlé’s first female engineering apprentices, joining in 2012 after studying agricultural engineering. Her apprenticeship has given her experience across a range of disciplines, including chocolate making, high speed wrapping, machine maintenance and robotics.

Sara-Jayne is taking on increasing levels of responsibility throughout her apprenticeship. Her training has empowered her to take a proactive approach to fault finding, diagnosis and repair, and by making improvements to the production process for both Four Finger Kit Kat and Kit Kat Chunky, Sara-Jayne has contributed to the productivity of the business.

Josh Sloan, Electrical Engineer Apprentice at Coca-Cola European Partners

Josh Sloan is one of Coca-Cola European Partners' (CCEP) young apprentices, joining straight from school. He is currently halfway through his four year Electrical Engineer apprenticeship and has already made a name for himself within the business.

By shadowing both the factory line and distribution engineering teams, his training has given him a hands-on approach to learning fault-finding processes and asset care management. As a result he has increasingly taken on more responsibility within his team, learning new skills that have empowered him to take the lead on tasks such as setting up bottling lines or fixing any breakdowns.