Food and drink industry: Productivity performance

Food and drink manufacturing productivity grew by 11% over the last five years compared to 0.5% for the whole economy.

When compared to other industries food and drink manufacturing has seen an impressive amount of productivity growth over a five year period. Its sheer scale and geographical spread means this gain provides a significant contribution to the productivity of the UK economy.

Food and drink manufacturing is a labour intensive industry, employing more people than the transport equipment sector. Food and drink manufacturing has embraced new working practices and continuous skills development to create efficiencies in a larger workforce and recognises the interdependence between people and technology. Despite this it is still outperformed by transport equipment (which includes automotive, aerospace, shipping and rail manufacturing).

More automated sectors with a smaller workforce have experienced greater growth in output per worker/per hour and as the UK is one of the world's largest exporters of services this has also helped to boost the admin and support services' productivity growth.


Note: Food and Drink includes tobacco as the broad sector level measure
Source: Office of National Statistics Labour Productivity Data Set DJL2 and Data Set A4YM