Making water a boardroom priority

Responsible water use not only contributes to environmental sustainability, it will also build long-term business resilience.

  1. Water bill graphEvaluate how dependent your business and your supply chain is on water. Conduct a risk assessment.

  2. Establish a water policy, either standalone or as part of the company's environmental policy.

  3. Encourage a water efficiency culture within your company and with your suppliers and customers.

  4. Set company/site specific targets to reduce water usage and assess performance annually.

  5. Get involved in collective action at local and/or national level such as via the WRAP/ FDF Federation House Commitment.

  6. Include water management activities, governance and performance in the company's corporate reporting.

  7. Find ways to engage constructively with your local community and regulators to build on your reputation as a responsible water user.

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Last reviewed: 01 Dec 2011