What every individual can do to save water

All of us share a responsibility to use water wisely at home as well as at work.

  1. Water efficiency ratingMonitor how much water you use. Installing a water meter will help you do this effectively – most homes in England and Wales may have a free one installed by their water company.

  2. Fix leaks, dripping taps and don't leave taps running – it really can save you money!

  3. Use water efficient appliances, devices and techniques. For example install a more efficient shower head that reduces water use.

  4. Reuse water wherever possible and when it is safe to do so e.g. water used to rinse vegetables could be used to water plants.

  5. Capture rainwater for garden and other outside uses and make space for rainwater to drain away naturally.

  6. Be aware of the wider environmental impacts of what you are pouring down the drain.

  7. Contact your water company, Waterwise or the Environment Agency for more water saving tips.

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Last reviewed: 01 Dec 2011