Every Last Drop - Why water matters

All of us, whether at home or in the work place, share a responsibility to use water efficiently and with due regard to the needs of others with whom we share this planet. The food and drink industry is particularly reliant on a supply of freshwater for both its raw material and processing needs.

Set against this challenge, this simple guide provides a series of 'golden rules' for food and drink manufacturing businesses of all sizes – tailored for those with boardroom, supply chain and operational roles – on what can be done to save water and manage its use effectively along the supply chain, including as individuals at home.

Alongside this guide we have also created a new, dedicated water page on the FDF website giving further sources of help and information along with best practice case studies.

The work is part of FDF's Five-fold Environmental Ambition vision to improve environmental sustainability across the supply chain and has been put together by the FDF Water Working Group. I am convinced that by taking on board these simple tips we can help make a difference to the protection of this precious resource and, in turn, contribute to the longer term sustainability of the food and drink industry.

Please therefore keep this guide handy and share it with others in your organisation.

Message from Lord Smith, Chairman of the Environment Agency

Lord SmithWater is a precious resource which is coming under ever increasing pressure as the global population continues to rise and the effects of climate change become more acute. Only through careful management of this resource will we be able to ensure that future demand can be met, whilst preserving the water environment and the ecology that it supports. This is particularly crucial for the food and drink sector given its dependence on freshwater for both its raw materials supply and its manufacturing operations.

I therefore warmly welcome this initiative from the members of the FDF Water Working Group to develop this simple guide as a first step to help food companies and individuals use water wisely along the supply chain. I would encourage all businesses and the people who work in the sector to take it on board.

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Last reviewed: 01 Dec 2011