Get Ready for Brexit - Indirect Tax and Managing Costs and Cashflow

Presented by FDF and Grant Thornton UK LLP with funding support from BEIS

As part of our Brexit Readiness programme, we hosted a webinar with experts from Grant Thornton to look at cash and cost management and indirect taxes.

They looked at the impact of Brexit in these areas to identify the key things to focus on, 'no regrets' actions that will prepare you for any eventuality, and to share insights on what other businesses are doing. This helps to provide a framework for Brexit preparation that works for all eventualities.

In this webinar we looked in detail at two areas where Food and Drink businesses can take practical 'no regrets' action to get ready for Brexit: indirect tax and managing costs and cashflow.

Should you have any questions on this subject, or need further clarification on anything discussed in the webinar, please email Reema Patel the Membership Engagement Executive, who will make sure your query is answered.