Medium Combustion Plant conversion and compliance – Case Study from Tamnvaulin & Fettercairn Distillery

Presented by SLR and Flogas Britain

The Medium Combustion Plant Directive has already become law, and any new plant requires a permit before it can be operated. Although existing plant may not require testing and permitting for a number of years, companies are recognising the benefits of converting their combustion plant now, not only to be compliant but also because they're benefiting from significant operational cost savings.

This webinar, presented by Greg Altria (Associate Consultant with SLR) and David Taylor (Head of Corporate Affairs and Innovation at Flogas Britain), describes a case study from, Tamnvaulin & Fettercairn Distillery where a combustion plant was converted from heavy fuel oil to LPG and how this provided considerable business benefits and costs savings for the operator, in addition to meeting the MCPD requirements.

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