Human Error is Inevitable: How to achieve Better Safety Performance through Understanding Human Behaviour

Presented by SLR

This webinar covers two themes: the factors that drive human behaviour at work and some examples of the role this plays in safety performance and provides some insights into how managers and leaders at all levels might improve their insight into the factors driving safety performance and how to address them.

Presented by Rachel Bennett of SLR Consulting, this webinar considers the factors that affect human performance in our organisations.
It challenges the typical Behavioural Safety approach that sees companies intervening at behaviours and discusses the idea that intervening at the causes of behaviour allows a more robust, efficient and sustainable approach to improved safety performance.

Who should watch?

The webinar will be of interest to H&S Managers, H&S Directors, as well as middle and senior management who are involved in operations.

Should you have any questions on this subject, or need further clarification on anything discussed in the webinar, please email Reema Patel the Membership Engagement Executive, who will make sure your query is answered.