The challenges of improving Food Safety - How HorizonScan Can Be Used in Business For Real-Time Alerting To Make Those Informed Decisions

Presented by Fera Science

Not all companies can quickly identify the cause of a food safety incident, or an emerging issue, as tracing food across a global food supply chain takes days, if not weeks, as companies struggle to track a mix of digital and paper-based food data documentation across a complex and growing network of suppliers and distributors.

Gaps in supply chain monitoring create vulnerabilities combine this with deficiencies in production and monitoring processes expose the food system to vulnerabilities that could be eliminated. For example, researchers found that a significant number of food safety alerts were due to a lack of supply chain transparency, which permitted food fraud and other risks to occur.

Outdated food traceability practices aren't built for the modern era with regulators now demanding state-of-the-art practices and modern technologies to ensure better food safety. HorizonScan can help organisations do exactly that, with real-time intelligence of global raw material and commodity issues covering all areas of food integrity. Complimenting this introduction to HorizonScan, is an independent food specialist consultant, who has introduced HorizonScan to many organisations within the food industry, including fully integrating into an ERP system. Listen to this webinar to understand the benefits this system can deliver from an independent voice.

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